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Human Capital Development

We specialize in multicultural teambuilding, leadership assessment, cross-cultural training, and executive coaching services to help professionals manage internationally.

Jack Keogh is a recognized international leader in cross-cultural training, leadership development, multicultural team building and the management of expatriation. A native of Ireland, based in Connecticut, he has resided in Spain, Mexico, Italy, Gabon and the United States. 

Thousands of employees in multinational corporations around the world have participated in his workshops or attended his presentations.  During his corporate career, most recently as VP, Human Capital Strategies at Prudential Relocation, he spearheaded leading edge human capital development solutions. 

Jack founded Keogh & Associates Consulting, LLC to focus specifically on the customized development of international human capital.   The company provides the following services: 

  • International teambuilding
    Leveraging the power of culture, emotional intelligence and personality to achieve productive synergy

  • Change management
    Companies need to manage change on a personal level, managing a broad set of leadership, culture, and development components, to obtain predictable results at a pace that is faster and more effective than their peers

  • Cross-cultural training and consulting
    We deliver  seminars for new international managers, workshops for expatriate couples, multicultural team building, cross-cultural communications, and expatriate candidate assessment

  • Global Leadership Development
    Specific skills for the new leader in today's business environment which is driven by globalization, knowledge management and customer service imperatives.  Winning the "war for talent" by recruiting and retaining the best human capital is a key leadership role.

  • Executive coaching
    Personalized, results oriented, short-term assistance for the international manager seeking professional development.

  • Keynote speeches
    Focused on results. Motivational, informative, entertaining and based on significant international business experience.  Hot topics include recruitment and retention, Change Management, Workplace Stress, Work Life Balance, Team Building, Leadership, Employee Motivation, Job Satisfaction, Morale, Winning the War for Talen and Emotional Intelligence.

Our Spanish language site dedicated to the Tomatis Method, Therapy and Coaching


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Jack Keogh, President


My Memoir:


What People are Saying:

“One of the most constructive HR presentations that I and our clients have ever been to. Participants were very impressed by the measured results of cultural adaptability and the emphasis on knowledge and emotional intelligence training.   I have gained much insight  from understanding how emotional intelligence applies in the workplace and learning how to identify ambiguity and resolve dilemmas.”
-  Stephanie Poon, Program Manager, American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei

Keogh & Associates has special expertise conducting business in Mexico and Latin America.  We have the contacts, trainers and coaches that you need to succeed.

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